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eComputers Consulting offers comprehensive software development services to help businesses digitise their operations and maintain a competitive edge. These services include low-cost ERP systems, mobile app development, asset management, and application development. We use our expertise in software development to help your organisation streamline its processes, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency. We focus on delivering high-quality, reliable, and innovative software solutions to meet your unique business needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your digital transformation goals through our software development services.

ERP system

ERP System

Low-cost ERP systems are cost-effective for SMEs to improve their efficiency, productivity, and profitability. They can help SMEs to automate many of their business processes, streamline their operations, and gain better visibility into their business. eComputers Consulting can help SMEs find and implement a low-cost ERP system that meets their needs. We have a team of experienced and certified ERP consultants who can help you to assess your needs, select the right system, and implement it successfully. Here are some of the benefits of using a low-cost ERP system for SMEs: Reduced costs: Low-cost ERP systems can help SMEs reduce costs by automating many business processes. Improved efficiency: Low-cost ERP systems can help SMEs to improve their efficiency by streamlining their business processes. Increased visibility: Low-cost ERP systems can help SMEs to gain better visibility into their business operations. A low-cost ERP system may be a good option if you are an SME looking for a cost-effective way to improve your business. Contact eComputers Consulting today to learn more about how we can help you.

Moible App

mobile apps

With the increasing prevalence of mobile technology in the business world, there is a growing demand for customised mobile applications. At eComputers Consulting, we specialise in providing tailored mobile app solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients. Our team possesses the requisite technical expertise and experience to develop mobile apps of exceptional quality that are scalable and easy to navigate. We work closely with our clients to thoroughly understand their requirements, design the app, and conduct comprehensive testing to ensure that it meets their specifications. In addition, we assist businesses in integrating their mobile apps with their existing systems and data sources. This can lead to a seamless experience for employees and customers, increasing efficiency and productivity. At eComputers Consulting, we are committed to providing our clients with top-notch mobile app solutions that meet their unique business needs and exceed their expectations.

Virtual data

Asset managemetn

eComputers Consulting offers comprehensive asset management solutions to businesses, assisting them in maintaining and organising their software-related assets throughout their lifecycle. Our range of services includes managing licenses, tracking software assets, categorising and organising them for easy access, providing supporting documentation and training materials, and identifying opportunities for code reuse. Effective asset management is crucial for businesses as it allows them to maximise their existing resources, minimise duplication of effort, and enhance overall productivity. Additionally, our asset management techniques can help companies comply with licensing and regulatory requirements, mitigating the risks associated with software vulnerabilities. Through our expertise in asset management, we aim to provide businesses with the necessary tools to optimise their software-related assets and achieve long-term success.

Mobile Application Designers

application development

eComputers Consulting provides custom software solutions to businesses through our application development services. Our team possesses technical expertise and experience, allowing us to develop high-quality applications that are secure, scalable, and user-friendly. We closely collaborate with businesses to comprehend their requirements, design the application, and rigorously test it to ensure it meets their needs. Additionally, we assist companies in integrating their applications with their existing systems and data sources, resulting in a seamless experience for employees and customers.

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